FC Barcelona beat Juventus 4-2 in UEFA Europa League quarter-final

UEFA Europa Leagues quarter-finals between Barcelona and Juventus take place on Saturday evening in Athens.Barcelona overcame Juventus 4 1-0 to advance to the final.Juventus had won the first leg 2-0 thanks to goals from Luis Suarez and Robert Lewandowski.The victory meant Barcelona will be the top-placed side in the European Super Cup.Barça, however, were the better side in a first-leg […]

How to apply a hair transplant to your own scalp

The procedure involves using a special type of hair transplant known as a transection of the scalp, which involves cutting off the outer layer of hair and then attaching a section of the remaining hair back to replace the missing layer.If the transplant is successful, the patient’s scalp will regain a healthy layer of skin.If not, however, the scalp will […]

What to know about hair transplant cases in India

The Indian government is currently conducting a national hair transplant campaign, and more than 1,000 people have already undergone the procedure, according to the country’s National Hair Transplant Council.In India, there are currently around 300 hair transplant operations in hospitals and clinics, according the Council.The government is trying to find a better way to reduce the number of hair transplant […]

How to choose a hair transplant for your family

Hair transplants are now being carried out in the US, but many patients do not receive a transplant in time.  The problem, in a nutshell, is that the transplant requires a lot of blood, and the risk of complications from the transfusion is high. There is now a new treatment for this. A team of researchers in the UK has discovered a way […]

How does a hair transplant affect your hair?

The latest medical breakthrough is a hair transplants, and for many, this could be the answer to their hair loss problems.However, there are some who say the procedure is not as simple as it looks, and that its not without risk.I had a hair loss condition in the first three years of my life, and when I saw my first […]

Which hair transplant procedure is right for you?

Hair transplant surgery can be a long, sometimes dangerous, and sometimes painful process.But with the right treatments, the surgery can help restore a damaged, damaged hair that can then grow back to its natural look.The process, however, takes time.Here are the top five hair transplant options.How long does it take to get the surgery done?Depending on the type of hair […]

Which hairstyle is best?

With its lush, wavy, and curly curls, the hair on your head can look like a full head of hair.The problem is that, in the long run, your hair is just a bunch of cells.The most common cause of hair loss is trauma, and the more hair you have, the more likely you are to have hair loss.Hair transplants have […]

Ismail al-Sayyed: Ismail is back on the transplant list

Ismail, who is on the shortlist for a second scalp transplant, was born with hair and nails on his face, legs, chest and arms.He has lived in hiding since 2011 after he was identified as a suspect in the 2005 bombing of a mosque in Lahore that killed nearly 150 people, including many of his relatives.He was convicted and jailed […]

Which Hair Transplant Company is Right for Me?

When I was a young woman, I was told to have a haircut.But I never had one.In fact, I wasn’t even allowed to have one.When I turned 18, my parents and I got married, and I didn’t want to go to the groom’s house.So I went out on my own, having my hair cut for free.In those days, hair was […]

How to get a double hair transplant in your lifetime

In 2017, doctors performed a double-hair transplant in the US.They removed the hair from a patient’s scalp and implanted it in another patient’s.The transplanted hair was then implanted in a second patient’s head, who had the same condition as the first patient.The procedure was controversial.There were questions about whether it was safe, and if it was even necessary.It was also […]

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