How to get a double hair transplant in your lifetime

In 2017, doctors performed a double-hair transplant in the US.They removed the hair from a patient’s scalp and implanted it in another patient’s.The transplanted hair was then implanted in a second patient’s head, who had the same condition as the first patient.The procedure was controversial.There were questions about whether it was safe, and if it was even necessary.It was also […]

How to Change Your Hair Without Having to Go to a Botanic Hair Removal Clinic

Hair transplants are a popular procedure that has been performed in the U.S. for years and can be done safely, but if you want to be more like your natural self, you’ll want to do a full procedure.In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started.Tijuana Hair Transplant Treatment TIJAHANTA Hair transplant surgery is an expensive, […]

Derma hair transplants in Australia to treat patients with severe cases of dermatomyositis

BIKRAM has announced the launch of the first derma hair replacement program in Australia, to treat severely-affected patients.Derma Hair Replacements is the brainchild of Derma-Facial Plastic Surgery (DFPS) CEO Dr Paul O’Neill, who hopes to help people in his home state of New South Wales.Dermal hair transplant surgery is a major medical and cosmetic procedure that has the potential to […]

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