Why Ireland’s irish transplant program is a success

The first Irish transplant program in the U.S. has taken off, and doctors and transplant specialists say it’s paying off.In just a year, the first Irish people have received transplants from four donors.In the past two years, the number of transplants has nearly tripled.The Irish transplant system is similar to other transplants in the United States, but there’s a lot […]

When Irish Hair Transplant Surgeons in Texas Could Have Your Hair Cut off

In November, two surgeons in Texas began treating an Irish woman who had lost all her hair to cancer.The two surgeons, Dr. Michael Murphy and Dr. Brian Hagan, decided to cut off her hair because they were worried her cancer would return, reports WFAA.However, they found out the hair was actually growing back.In February, the doctors were approached by the […]

How to transplant hairlines in Ireland

Irish Hair Transplant is a hair transplant company that has been in business for over 20 years and is based in Dublin, Ireland.Hair transplant hair is sourced from Ireland, but the hair is usually from Europe and is then transplanted to a person’s face, face area, or body, often using a needle to make the transplantation easier.Hair transplants are often […]

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