Hair transplant success in the United States is so high that many people have no idea what it takes to get a hair transplant

In an era of mass media and mass medical procedures, there’s a huge amount of information about hair transplants, and it’s often very confusing.With more than 2.4 million Americans receiving hair transplanted this year, the process has become a big issue for patients and their families.In addition to the huge numbers, there are a lot of myths that have been […]

How I was able to save my hair for the first time

I’ve been dreading the haircut for months.I knew I was going to be a hair transplant donor for the rest of my life, and for good reason: it’s one of the toughest surgeries you can undergo.But I had no idea I would end up saving my own hair.In fact, I’d been so terrified of going through this, that I had […]

‘I think I might have lost my hair’: ‘My hair is still growing’

It took him three years to get his hair cut.Now he has a full head of gray hair and the opportunity to look a little more like his mother.“I think now I can look more like my mother and my sister,” he said.“It’s nice to have something to talk about, a reason to smile and not worry about anything.It’s really […]

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